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Nevada FCCLA

Nevada Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, (FCCLA, formerly Future Homemakers of America, FHA) would like to welcome you back to the organization and ask for your help and support!

We are trying to build a strong support base for our thriving Nevada FCCLA chapters and we need your help. We want you to join us as alumni members. Supporters are always needed to help FCCLA members make the most of their experiences. Here are just a few ways that you can help!

  • Assist local chapters and/or our state association with state meetings, workshops, and events
  • Be a role model to all FCCLA members!
  • Help locate and enlist competitive events judges for our state conferences
  • Volunteer to help out your local chapter fundraise or plan events
  • Encourage advisers and graduated members to join Nevada Alumni and Associates

Joining as an alumni member can help you build your resume while discovering new learning experiences as a mentor and volunteer. Nevada FCCLA Alumni Association is also a great way to make new friends, reconnect with old, and discover valuable resources to help you reach your career goals. FCCLA is where you belong!

National Alumni & Associates

Alumni & Associates are part of a network of adults who believe in Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. Former members of FCCLA, Future Homemakers of America, HERO, and New Homemakers of America are encouraged to stay involved. Honorary FHA/HERO members, current and former Family and Consumer Sciences professionals, teachers, parents, school administrators, employers, and business and community leaders who support the mission and purposes of FCCLA are encouraged to get involved. Demonstrate your loyalty and support of FCCLA, the only Career and Technical Student Organization with the family as its central focus, by enrolling in Alumni & Associates and making a generous contribution. The new Alumni & Associates registration system is now open! Click below to set up your account in the system. *A&A is a paid membership program.

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