Your 2024-2025 State Officer Team

Nevada FCCLA State Officers are elected by their peers at the State Leadership Conference and represent Nevada’s membership. The State Officer team develops a program of work aligned to the strategic goals of Nevada FCCLA. Throughout the year the team interacts with the membership to implement and enhance FCCLA’s programs. Nevada State Officers are available to attend your events.

If you would like to serve on the 2025-2026 State Officer Team, click the button below to learn more!

Tegan Richardson

State President

Ionel Vazquez-Ramos

Executive VP

Prinz Villagracia

VP of Community Service

Ashton Osbahr

VP of Development

Mia Blume

VP of Membership

Jamara Davis

VP of National Programs

Nyla Colgan

VP of Public Relations

Eav Valdez

VP of Records

Chapter Visit Request Form

If you would like to have a current state officer visit your FCS classroom, please complete the Chapter Visit Request Form here.


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