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What could be more important than eating and feeling great? Now by participating in Student Body you can help not only yourself but also dozens of other students to become healthier and more active. This program consists of four main parts; the healthy you, the fit you, the real you, and the resilient you. These four components make for the ideal lifestyle.

The importance of healthy eating cannot be over stated. Many scientists believe that obesity has become an epidemic in America. By participating in this program you could be a part of helping make America a healthier nation. Healthy eating could consists of cutting fast food out of your diet, eating more fruits, and eating the right amounts of meat. Eating right starts when you’re young and now you have a chance to encourage your peers to develop healthy eating habits.

Staying fit can mean a variety of things. It doesn’t have to be running for two miles every morning and lifting weights every night. This can be something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the escalator or going for short walks during the day. Staying fit shouldn’t have to take up hours of your day doing some ridiculous work out.

On the path to success who really has the time or motivation for that? Instead it’s about the little decisions you make throughout the day. According to basic physics a body in motion is more likely to stay in motion. Theoretically, this would mean that a few simple decisions could lead to a healthier, more active life. Perhaps go outside and walk around for fifteen minutes between Netflix episodes or between levels on the latest video game. Plan a day out of the week to go swimming with your friends. The smallest things could make the biggest impact on your physical fitness.

What exactly does making healthy choices mean? This is an area that would be great for thinking outside of the box. Making healthy choices can mean a range of different things including applying sunscreen and brushing your teeth regularly. Drinking water during the summer is just another of the thousands of health decisions.

Just by participating in this National Program, you can help improve the health of your family, your community, and your nation.

By: Angelita Fermaint VP of Membership

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