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STOP the Violence

Violence is seen all the time whether it’s in our schools, community, or even things we watch on TV. It’s seen virtually everywhere yet no one thinks about a way to stop it; well, until now, that is.

STOP (Students Taking On Prevention) is a national program for FCCLA that has students go out and take action against violence.  While doing this, the students learn attitudes and skills and learn the three R’s—Recognize, Report, and Reduce youth violence.

We can change our community one act at a time. But ending violence isn’t the only thing we need to do to make our world a better place. We need to be kind and respectful to each other as well.

Now after this, I challenge everyone to go out and do at least one act of kindness each day this week. By doing this simple act of kindness it can create a ripple affect for others to follow while brightening people’s day as well. If everyone gets into this amazing habit of just being nice to each other, maybe we won’t see violence on the news so often; instead it will be people making a difference in our schools and community.

By: Melissa Feldman Vice President of National Programs

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