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Ready, Set, STOP, GO!

A car accident is the first most common cause of death for youth in America. So many people do not realize the importance of traffic safety. It could be as simple as stopping at a stop sign for only one second instead of two, or not looking out for pedestrians that could cause fatal deaths.  One quick decision could become a mistake. That is why FCCLA created FACTS. Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (FACTS) is a national peer education program. Through this program, students save lives by educating teens and adults regarding traffic safety.

You might be wondering how FACTS can affect your life. FACTS members work hard to create projects that teach the importance of driver’s education. Sober driving, seat belt use, and not texting and driving, are just a few of the life changing decisions that FACTS represents.

For a FACTS project Brookings, South Dakota, FCCLA members created a project to show the result that texting and driving can have on a person. This simulation course exhibited a car wreck where teens were injured and killed because of texting and driving. This experience definitely had an impact on the school and made the viewers think twice about texting and driving. This was a great lesson to show the teens the reality in what could happen.

Numerous times a year, families are faced with car crashes. Fatal injuries and even deaths occur. The national program, FACTS, helps families become aware and emphasize safety. Traffic safety is becoming a small concern when it should be a huge alarm. FACTS helps change minds and save lives. You are the only one who can make those decisions for yourself.

BY: Blakey Anderson

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