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Introducing the 2015-2016 Executive Council for Nevada FCCLA!

We are thrilled to be representing Nevada as State Officers this year!

This year, serving as President, is Hannah Sheldon. Hannah is a senior at Moapa Valley High School, where she will also be participating in student council, tennis, and the swim team.

The Vice President of Membership is Angelita “Angel” Fermaint. Angel is a senior at Churchill County High School, where she has been involved with cheerleading and track and field. Angel also works at “Big Boys Barbeque.”

Jamie Stevens is the Vice President of Community Service. Jamie is a sophomore at East Career and Technical Academy.  She occupies most of her time with FCCLA!

The Vice President of Public Relations, Emiliano Alvarez, or Emi, attends Southwest Career and Technical Academy. Emi enjoys fashion and music!

Blakey Anderson, Vice President of Development, is a sophomore at Moapa Valley High School. Blakey has spent her time in band, track and field, choir, and Environmental Club.

Melissa Feldman, the Vice President of National Programs, is a senior at Spanish Springs High School. She occupies her time with culinary and baking!

The Vice President of Records, Baleigh Bond, is currently a sophomore at Moapa Valley High School. Baleigh has participated in band and track and field.

The State Officers this year are working hard to give you the Ultimate Leadership Experience through new ideas, the Leadership Fiesta, and State Leadership Conference. We look forward to this great year together as a State!

BY: Hannah Sheldon

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