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Get Involved in a National Program This Year!

This year, Nevada FCCLA wants to get the most involvement in National Programs than it ever has before, allowing us to “Soar to New Heights”! National Programs are a tremendous way to get your chapter members involved. There is no better way to explain or represent FCCLA than through participation in a National Program.

There are eight different programs to choose from: Career Connection, FACTS, Families First, Financial Fitness, Leadership Service in Action, Power of One, STOP the Violence, and Student Body.

Go to to read descriptions of each program and review the deadlines for submitting projects. Find which program interests you the most, or get together with your chapter and make it a team effort! We cannot wait to see where National Programs takes us this year. Below are some tips to get you started!

Ways members can get involved:

  • Career Connection- Host a career night at your school where adults in the community come in and speak about their career path and what it takes to be hired in that certain position.
  • FACTS- Film a PSA for awards at nationals.
  • Families First- Host a family dinner night for your school or local FCCLA chapter to promote the family unit.
  • Financial Fitness- Host Financial Football or have chapter officers prepare and present a slideshow with tips on financing for college. Have pictures taken at the presentation to post on FCCLA’s social media.
  • Leadership Service in Action- Volunteer at your local senior citizen center, bake for elders or families in need, pick-up trash in community with chapter, etc.
  • Power of One- Chapters can host a meeting focusing on the ways to better themselves. Have members make lists of what they can improve on in their lives, families, and future. Challenge each other throughout the planning process to improve on the areas written.
  • STOP the Violence- Spread the word of a “Kindness Week” in schools. Each day, host activities students can participate in relating to kindness.
  • Student Body- Hold a chapter meeting where members can bring a healthy recipe and cook a few of them during the meeting. The chapter officers can then put the recipes into little recipe books for everyone to take home at the next chapter meeting.

--Written and Submitted by Blakey Anderson, Executive VP

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